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The Blade Order » General » PC Help
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Why oh why oh why!
For those of you who were helping with Mags yesterday, you may of noticed I kept diconnecting.
This was due to system crashes. Many of them. Smile
I've been playing wow since day one and I have NEVER had it crash on me.
I have no new drivers/ Addons. The crash was always same in nature.
Total screen freeze followed by a little report box from Blizzard asking what I was doing at the time.

Now. I could just put this down to a windows update or summin of that nature.

BUT, A friend of mine who has a completely different system. Xp as opposed to vista, Also had the exact same crash last week.
First time I'de ever seen it.
Also my Gf's mum kept crashing also...... Same way.

I've trauled the wow forums and haven't been able to find and info on this.
Anyone else expericend this crash?
Anyone heard anthing about it?

Any help will be greatly appreictated. If I cannot fix this problem I won't dare raid with you guys ( probably a good thing for you ) Grin

My first guess would be you graphix card and/or drivers. Start getting the newest graphix driver m8. It might be our card running out of RAM.

And it might be your game thats just plain screwed. Mine was on my other comp the weekend lothan was in denmark. I removed WOW, and copied it directly from my primary computer - now it works perfectly.

Lewsterin Kinslayer
Proud member of The Blade Order.

-Gunslingers! To me!
-We will be tested this day fellas! Prove or Die!
I get that **** if i have questhelper running with ace2 and unit_frames, and my pc is a monster. Some addons just dont wanna work together, sepratly the work fine. i would start with lews tip of upgrading the firmware and drivers of the graphixcard, and if that dosnet work see if you get any strange symptoms when a selective few addons are going.

Hit them little niggas with a freeze-pop, represent

Another Famous quote by Org when he's healing - "Its not my fault the tank dies. its his own fault. He got hit to much"
if inrtenet connection continue to work when the game crash ,
1 i suggest you to test your graphics card with some diagnostic

2 check if other games r playing corectly

3 wow got in the installation dir a procudure to check all files , do that

4 reinstall direct x 9c for xp

plz post again if you still have problem
Had the same issues on my old computer. Ask heijaangel for more details, but I seems to crash at least once in a while. Unfortunately I couldn't solve it, but then again it only happened when I rebooted my computer.

Exactly the same happened to me some time ago...
Format didnt help since i DLed the addons again Wink
At that time i had the free Avast antivirus installed, unfortunatly it isnt reliable so bought a new antivirus program (bit deffender) installed it, and bingo it removed 3 files from my WoW folder (incl a keylogger).
Never had that problem since Smile
My pc choose to simply reboot the entire system each time. so not 100% the same but think its worth thinking about if it continues that way, (might not be the same problem) Hope it wont happen again for ya Smile

There is no I in team... though there is a ME if you jumble it!
Some intersting points.

I recently updated my graphics driver. About 1 month ago.
No imediate issues. The new driver made a huge difference in performace though. Almost doubling my in game frame rate. from 32fps to 60... Have never seen such an improvement from a driver.
Antivirus wise. I'm currently using Norton *yuk* (it was free with BT )
was looking at going with Bit defender.

When wow crashes the PC remains fully functional. Connection remains and it allows me to instantly load up wow again and go straight in.

It didn't crash last nigth and I was on for about 2 hours. BUT, I was not raiding. only couple peeps on the screen at a time.
I will just have to wait a see.

Thank you all for the input.. Smile
Was it following an update at all to the game files?

I remember when I used to play many many moons ago that people were having problems after certain updates and ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it worked fine - probably not a very good suggestion now if downloads are becoming massive with the game now Smile

Have you checked to make sure your graphics card isn't overheating? Or that the new drivers didn't reset the high temp setting to something stupidly low?

If you haven't already, disable all your add-ons and run WoW without them and see what happens.

Maybe reinstall all your add-ons, you might have an out of date one thats having fun Smile
Now that is a very interesting point Beast.
I bought AoC and dabbled with it. After about 45mins my laptop would trip out due to over heating. Ended up having to point a Fan at the laptop to keep it running.
The underside does seem to get hotter than it did.
Hmmm. maybe I need to invest in a block of dry ice.

Or a cooler. Smile
Last time my wow kept crashing like that, the power supply blew Grin
Only crashes i had was when i try to interact with the world( like fp or getting summoned). i found out my chipset fan was not running or running low. this made the chipset overheat and then my screen froze. After i gave the fan a swing the problem was gone... still have to buy new one.. for now i have to swing the fan on by hand xD
if you are using a laptop for WoW .. ZALMAN is the solution m8..

i m using it for a long time and it cools the laptop half way down to 35 degrees.. can solve your over-heating problem at least.. and yet my laptop did blacked out for too many times because of over-heating.. gl m8..
DPS with a "tude".. How suprising..

You can run.. But you just die tired..
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