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wow and a new prob HELP!!!!
I have had this happen ages ago on the old computer and can't think for the life of me how i solved it. Let me start by saying the net connection is on fine and working well.

I log in within 1 minute I kind of get dissconected from the server but can still move arround the enviroment of the game with no interactions with anything or anyone eventually it discconects me though sometimes I get bored and bring up task manager and stop wow.

Have done the delete cache wtf and interface thing didnt work
Does it only happen with one character or does it do the same thing with others.
If its just the one character I would contact a GM from a different toon.

Otherwise i would be checking my firewall settings and getting rid of addons.
I've had this happen before...

Its like the whole world (of warcraft) stops, but you can still run about?

Unfortunatly this happens when my router/internet connection "resets", for whatever reason.......when I get kicked off (after a minute or two of roaming free in the horde bit of dala) I can log in again straight away. So if your saying your connection is fine then I dunno what else could cause this.
Hed's dead baby, Hed's dead.
this is a packetloss issue. as hed stated, when your router is not communicating right. your connection might work just fine, but its not good enough to run wow at that moment.

Hit them little niggas with a freeze-pop, represent

Another Famous quote by Org when he's healing - "Its not my fault the tank dies. its his own fault. He got hit to much"
contacted my isp they informed that they had issues at times and I needed to reset my router/ip address so to unplug router for about 30 mins and plug it back in. Well it worked
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Started: 28/10/2018 12:48

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01-01-2024 13:01
happy new year !

08-06-2023 10:47

12-11-2022 02:07
Thanks for keeping the site alive <3

08-11-2022 07:59
Hi! How are you guys? How life is treating you? Just growing older, building our lives, finding no time, the usual stuff... Grin

18-11-2021 16:32
Been working from home since march last year - but walk away from taht laptop at 4pm not to return til 7:30 next day! lol you?

08-11-2021 07:31
How are you doing guys? Working from home day and night, or quit your job? Kisses!

07-06-2021 20:22
still alive, TBC classic on the menu these days!

26-04-2020 19:50
Hi Guys! Not playing wow but still alive! How are you all? Kisses! Wink

27-01-2020 13:49
I played Classic until I was nearly level 60. It needs The Burning Crusade really for me though. I am lurking around Daggerspine again for a while, trying to get used to the changes lol

24-01-2020 09:29
Komodo (Antique) and Thebizzy are playing WoW classic these days. You're more than welcome to join us if you'd like. We're on the Bloodfang server =)

08-01-2020 18:26
Hey guys, Hope you are all well for 2020! Still think about our old raiding days and honestly miss it and you lot. xxx

08-09-2019 21:11
Hello! How is everyone? Are some of us still playing? Wow classic maybe? I miss the whole thing... kisses!

10-08-2019 14:34
there is a tbo discord server now

10-08-2019 13:33
doing a great job keeping the page alive ! so clasit where are we going ?

20-12-2018 22:25

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