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The Blade Order » General » PC Help
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I need help!
First of all, HELLO!!!

I hope some of you remember me, its been WAY to long since i've trolled your forum.

Anyways, lets get down to business.
I need some help, tips if you will.

I have recently become the clan leader of a norwegian SC2 clan called RFI(room for improvement). Our homesite is atm hosted by's forum and we would like to take the step from a tiny forum clan into a full fledged site owning clan. So i thought to my self, what sites do I like, wich communities has a perfect site with a good forum and front page and everything nice and pretty? TBO ofc.

So long story short, I was wondering does anyone have some tips to how I can make a nice site like this and just some general tips on how to go about it?

I realy hope someone will answer and just as a thanks I will compose a little poem as I usually did in here!

It has been quite some time,
to long some might say,
with a rusty rhyme,
a poem sees the day,
TBO moves on!

A new site i must make,
but how? i ask,
help me, god sake!
this is me behind the mask.
I'm falling behind

I miss this place,
for years i've been lost,
not a single trace,
need help, no matter the cost.
I cant catch up.
"The Paramount Path of the Pale Proselyte Pegan is a Protracted Pursuit of Purification"-The Big M-

Years have gone by,
I have been prone to cry,
Many days have passed,
But my memory of you will last.

Way too early for me Smile
You win this round padawan!

I think you need Jazzman or even Dane for an idea to the website.

Lewsterin Kinslayer
Proud member of The Blade Order.

-Gunslingers! To me!
-We will be tested this day fellas! Prove or Die!
HAHA Morde, din syke jevla idiot!! Grin

Good to see you my man Smile

come back and say hi from time to time Grin

Hit them little niggas with a freeze-pop, represent

Another Famous quote by Org when he's healing - "Its not my fault the tank dies. its his own fault. He got hit to much"
Many web hosts offer 1-Click installations of things like forums and blogs.

My site is currently hosted by TMDhosting, and I've never had an issue with them - and I have the option to easily set up a forum with the phpBB software. Then you just find/create/edit a theme and you're golden.

Add me in-game TehNoobie#881 btw - I'm always looking for sparring partners Pfft
Hed's dead baby, Hed's dead.
I use and I think they have an easy install forum option available through their control panel. But even if yo uare with someone that doesnt offer it as an option most of the forums are pretty easy to install and configure.

The hard part is getting hold of decent looking graphics

The main thing with the host is that they provide php and mysql as most of them all use a combination of these to run
I have no idea about the fansy coding geeky stuff, but I think Danesar made the graphics for this site. He's a RL friend of mine and I can get you his MSN or mail or sumthin if you want.
I thank ye all for your reply
but it seems i have found my way,
On someone I can rely,
He will help me on easter day.
wich is in april, not july!

Thanks guys! i realy appriciate itGrin
Hopefully i will have an almost as good a site as this one, one day! Grin
I wish you luck on all your raids and lvling and grinding and arenas and what not Pfft
Say hello to everyone from me Grin If lisele is still around blow her a big fat kiss from me Grin

"The Paramount Path of the Pale Proselyte Pegan is a Protracted Pursuit of Purification"-The Big M-
Danesar did indeed do all the artwork for this site except for the recently updated forum banner which was done by Lewster
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Started: 28/10/2018 12:48

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01-01-2024 13:01
happy new year !

08-06-2023 10:47

12-11-2022 02:07
Thanks for keeping the site alive <3

08-11-2022 07:59
Hi! How are you guys? How life is treating you? Just growing older, building our lives, finding no time, the usual stuff... Grin

18-11-2021 16:32
Been working from home since march last year - but walk away from taht laptop at 4pm not to return til 7:30 next day! lol you?

08-11-2021 07:31
How are you doing guys? Working from home day and night, or quit your job? Kisses!

07-06-2021 20:22
still alive, TBC classic on the menu these days!

26-04-2020 19:50
Hi Guys! Not playing wow but still alive! How are you all? Kisses! Wink

27-01-2020 13:49
I played Classic until I was nearly level 60. It needs The Burning Crusade really for me though. I am lurking around Daggerspine again for a while, trying to get used to the changes lol

24-01-2020 09:29
Komodo (Antique) and Thebizzy are playing WoW classic these days. You're more than welcome to join us if you'd like. We're on the Bloodfang server =)

08-01-2020 18:26
Hey guys, Hope you are all well for 2020! Still think about our old raiding days and honestly miss it and you lot. xxx

08-09-2019 21:11
Hello! How is everyone? Are some of us still playing? Wow classic maybe? I miss the whole thing... kisses!

10-08-2019 14:34
there is a tbo discord server now

10-08-2019 13:33
doing a great job keeping the page alive ! so clasit where are we going ?

20-12-2018 22:25

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