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The Blade Order » Applications to The Blade Order » Applications
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Draakje - Paladin - lvl 7
- Your Name: Angela
- Age: 21
- Location: Netherlands

All below questions are related to the character wishing to apply.
- Name: Draakje
- Race: Draenei
- Class: Paladin
- Level: 7
- Spec: none yet, going for prot
- Prior Guilds: new to this realm
- Reason why you left your last guild: none
- Do you have more lvl 85 chars, if so, what classes and on which server:
Selenes, hunter on Saurfang. She’s my main since I started playing and have leveled a paladin on Saurfang too until lvl 82 but now im starting over on Daggerspine to be able to play with Stifie and his alts.

- Gear: Armory url: “Oops. Only characters level 10 or higher can be viewed” /snif.
- Gear: Special notes: it’s mostly grey and white. Soothing colours when you look at it and ego boosting for anyone that inspects me.

- Trade Skills: Professions: Mining, skinning
- Trade Skills: Rare Crafts: none
- Riding skill (mount): 0

- Experience with raids/instances pre Cataclysm: all up and incl. Zul Aman and Gurub (so not the new ones from last patch). Love to do old instances and raids.
- Experience with Cataclysm raids: none
- Experience in the game (Entertain us with a nice story):
With Selenes I used to be a very active player (too active imho). Started about 2,5 years ago and when I was lvl 30 I found my home in the guild Hollands Pride which grew to be the largest Dutch guild on Saurfang (with my help, yes Pfft im rather social as u might tell from the size of this story, and especially among Dutch people since that talks more easily for me). Had loads of fun there, it was an informal social guild but not hard core, with no demands on the players apart from not being an irritating child, and unfortunately we only got a steady raidgroup together for a limited period until some of them left for various reasons (WotLK-time). But since the people were very nice I never really felt like leaving. I do not have any raid Cata-experience. I liked it more to farm achievements and collect pets than to do raids. When cata came, I kinda lost my hard-core urge to play and wasn’t online much. When i came back from a period of absence (1,5 month ago), it seemed HP had lost a lot of its members, even the other 2 GM’s weren’t online much and I decided to finally try my hand at raiding, so changed to the guild The Silent Majority. Friendly and mature people luckily, which I find most important. Always some1 around who want to do something. But tbh I didn’t had the urge to raid after a couple of failed tries. They did taught me the principle of watching movies and reading tacts before u enter a raid tho ;-). But here, on this realm, I’m still far from lvl 85 and I am not sure how active I will be. That actually worries me while applying to TBO. Im starting here all over again, don’t know much about this realm and its guilds, I’m low lvl, don’t have raid experience and not sure how active I’ll be in the future. It all depends on how much fun ill have here. And on the other hand, no one knows for sure if they will stay active forever, right? And imho I am kinda nice and helpfull Wink. See below why I want to join anyway.
Next to Selenes (hunter) I have a paladin lvl 82, a priest lvl 58 which both I enjoyed playing. If I like it here tho, I’ll probably make new characters.

- Are you Applying for another guild while Applying for TBO? No im not.
- Have you used a Leveling service? Nope. Made it until lvl 7 on my own. I would not object to a boost thru a dungeon later on tho… ;-).
- Did you buy your account from Ebay? No i didn’t, did it all with my own bare hands.
- Have you grouped with any TBO members before? Yes, several times with Stifie, my boyfriend, thru real-id groups (cross realm). Nothing else that is noteworthy and that I have remembered. And I know Hazuki then ofc (his brother).
- Usual Gaming time per day / week: really depends. Atm I’m still leveling so I play whenever i feel like it but i try not to have it affect my ‘real life’ negatively. But I have quite a lot of free time so if, one day, some1 would desperately need my skills, I’ll probably have the time.
- Can you use TeamSpeak? I can. And vent/skype.
- Do you share your account with another person? No.

- Reason for wanting to join The Blade Order:
Mainly because it’s the guild of my bf, Stifie. Like I said above, I’m not sure if I’ll be very active on the raiding-territory but I won’t be a nuisance either. This way him and me can play together more easily and since I’m planning on getting to lvl 85 one day, I’ll know other members better and group up with them.

- Have you read, understood and agree to our rules of membership?
I have. They were clear but if I wouldn’t understand something I would know how to formulate a question. In multiple languages if required but it might be grammatically incorrect.

Fingers crossed!
Edited by Draakje on 12-12-2011 17:59
Welcome love, hope you will make it in Smile
Strifie says: ''Chaos, Panic, Disaster. I Think My Work Here Is Done!!!''
Well written application, good luck Smile
Should invite more dutch peopel!
And when do I meet ya new GF strifie? Pfft

Is she going to join us at Pinkpop aswell?
Edited by Ralpbix on 13-12-2011 12:11
I dunno ralphy, time will tell Pfft

And pinkpop i also don't know yet... Depends on her schoolwork
Strifie says: ''Chaos, Panic, Disaster. I Think My Work Here Is Done!!!''

Reason: Being the gf of Strifie!?!!

Nha just kinding Grin

Good luck on you apply.

Ps. Strifie, you didnt send her first to me, to test her out if see is good enough for you! Grin Wink

What is SeX? SeX Is When A Boy Put His Location In A Girls Destination To Increase The Population Of The NeXt Generation. Do You Get My EXplanation? Or Do You Need a Demonstration?

There are 10 kinds of people. The 1's that understand binary and the 1's that dont.
Dude, lucky you ain't an officer Pfft

And go find your own gf
Strifie says: ''Chaos, Panic, Disaster. I Think My Work Here Is Done!!!''
Pff u'd better stick up for me or ill loan u to Marit for some 'testing' eh Pfft?

No, no Pfft terrible idea JH, i got feelings too you know Pfft
Thanks for the application, guild officers will discuss and get back to you asap.
Strifie, why does she call you 'Stifie'? Shock
Ye nice application,you got my vote just coz u call him stifie!What can i say im shallow.

GL to you.Cool
@Joe, becaus she likes the stiffness in my pants bro Pfft
Strifie says: ''Chaos, Panic, Disaster. I Think My Work Here Is Done!!!''
Sorry for the wait we had a bit of a discussion, Application accepted, whisper an officer ingame for an invite Smile
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Hi Guys! Not playing wow but still alive! How are you all? Kisses! Wink

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