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Aliria - Rogue - Combat
Real life information:
- Your Name: Edward ( you can call me Ed)

- Age: 19

- Location: Finland

Character information:
- Name: Aliria

- Race: Human

- Class: Rogue

- Level: 85

- Spec: Combat

- Prior Guilds: Leethaxftw

- Reason why you left your last guild: I wanted to raid with my rogue. :)

- Do you have more lvl 85 chars, if so, what classes and on which server:
Oh yes, I most certainly do... Nosori (Priest), Timpuri (Druid), MyllĂ˝ (Shaman), Ithania (Paladin), Furrow (Hunter), Ronden (Warrior), Aliria (Rogue) and lastly Rezzig (Mage). These are all on this server and every character besides Rogue are on Horde side.

- Gear: Armory url:

- Gear: Special notes: Almost purely PvP gear, ungemmed/not good enchants, and they are mostly because it's my only character on alliance side, which means I don't have much gold to buy all the most expensive enchants/gems, and I do know exactly what my gear is missing, and am willing to gem/enchant/reforge perfectly once I get PvE gear, so no worries about that. :)

- Trade Skills: Professions: -

- Trade Skills: Rare Crafts: -

- Riding skill (mount): 280%

- Experience in the game (Entertain us with a nice story):

I started playing in WotLK on my priest (was shadow back then) and wasn't a serious raider back then, so I pugged Naxx, OS and Ulduar for my gear. When ICC was firstly released, I thought I could join to a real raiding guild instead of a social one, and so I did. I joined a guild named The Proletariat, which was a good guild indeed. I made it to 4/12 HC in ICC and cleared Ruby Sanctum on normal mode too before I left the guild due to IRL- problems.

So, after I had solved my IRL problems, I came back to WoW a few days before Cataclysm was released and started to look for a new guild with raid to and I ended up finding a newly formed Finnish guild called Winland, which is the guild I still raid with. We started off with BWD, and back then we had only 5/10 players who were actually good players, and so it took a while but still managed to get 5/6 progress in BWD before the huge nerfs.

We also raided BoT and downed 3/4 bosses there (from here on I started to play as Balance druid since it was really great back then). TotFW 1/2 progress was also made before nerfs. (Again, before the nerfs, I changed my mages realm to Stormreaver where I joined a guild called Lumi, and got 6/13 HC progress in T11, while our guild was already a bit ''dead''.)

After those, the guild started to slowly ''die'', people stopped playing and changed to PvP instead, so we couldn't even try to make progress any further, so we had to just pug raids until the huge nerfs came, and we started to bring the guild back to life, and luckily, succeeded in that, soon after, we got to finish the T11 content really, really fast.

Then Firelands came, people started to slack again and we started to do RBG instead of raiding for a while. After the nerfs to Firelands came, we got to raiding again and cleared 7/7 with ease, after those we started to do FL HC progress and made it to 3/7 fairly easily, though we never had a perfect group. When Dragon soul came, we did 7/8 clear within the first day and downed DW 2 weeks after that, due to lack of actually good healers.

- Tell us about yourself.
Well, I am a friendly young man from Finland, and I do like playing this game along with few others, and so I will mostly be online most of the week. My education also includes being on computer alot, so you may see me online in the mornings aswell. :P I get along with all kinds of people, excluding the complete douchebags who only ruin the game from other people. I am willing to help on everything I can, from speccing/gemming/enchanting to different classes rotations and raid tactics what I can. My hobbies are not ragequiting nor emoleaving and regardless of outcome, I will stay raiding and make progress.

- Are you Applying for another guild while Applying for TBO?
Nope, I'm not. I saw your recruitment message and felt like ''Hey, I could actually raid with this also, since I have so much spare time, and flying circles in Stormwind is not the best thing to do'', and so I decided to ask a bit more about your guild and here I am, typing a wall of text for you to read. :)

- Have you used a Leveling service?
Eww, I would never do that.. would ruin the last bit of this game. I don't understand why would people pay someone to level their characters and then just come back when it's max leveled and not having a clue about the spells you are supposed to use or anything. I myself got a secured account with Authenticator to make sure no one else will ever be able to steal this from me. :P

- Did you buy your account from Ebay?
I don't know why, but this and the above question together made me laugh a bit. :D But no, I haven't. I've leveled all my characters and felt the pain to quest all the same zones over and over again. ^_^

- Have you grouped with any TBO members before?
Umm.. I can't really say, maybe in Baradin Hold? I often won't check peoples guild when I pug. :P

- Usual Gaming time per day / week:
I am usually online from 16:00 (server time) to like 2:00 (server time) most of the week. (Will of course be online on raid times).

- Can you use TeamSpeak?
Yep, I use TS3 within my current guild on Horde side.

- Do you share your account with another person?
Nope, I am the only owner of this account.

- Reason for wanting to join The Blade Order:
Well, as I mentioned above, I wanted to do something else than just fly circles in Stormwind/Orgrimmar while my guild doesn't have raids. :P

- Have you read, understood and agree to our rules of membership?
Yeah, understood. :)

ps. I'm really very sorry if the application was a long and boring one instead of a short one, but I am really, really bad at writing short applications. (I would also like to apologise for my bit crappy english, since it's not my first language anyway.) :P
i love this app!
Thanks for a nice full application. I believe, the recruitment ad was actually for healers, but, as our newspage says, good applications are always considered. I would comment that if your gear is almost fully PvP, and lacking gems/enchants, you'd struggle with raiding, as we wouldnt take you with that level of gear. To be intending to raid, would expect a minimum of 378 HC+ Valor point gear, also gemmed and enchanted, plus theres many easy upgrades from raidfinder.
Anyway, that being said, officers will consider your application and get back to you asap.
I see your point, and all you said above is true, but if I heard right, you were also considering going back to 25man raiding, and I'm willing to come and sit in your roster while getting full PvE gear and waiting for you to need me/start 25man raiding again. :) It shouldn't take me more than 2days max to get 380+ ilvl from HC's and valors, but thanks for the response and I'll be waiting to hear your decision. :P
good look you will know in 3 -4 months
1. chesney

slang name for a guy with a huge wang.
"woow your chesney is massive"
Ye I like the effort u put into the app.

I had question for you.You mentioned your still raiding with winland guild,my question to you is what toon are u raiding there with and if your app was accepted for TBO will you still be raiding with winland?

Other thing is somthing that might help your app is meanwhile while you wait for a response from the TBO officers maybe you could use that time to get yourself up to par with pve gear.

With the new 5mans you can get to pve 378 in no time and feel free to update your app with the progress of your gear as alchy pointed out TBO tends not to take people lacking appropriate gear for raids.Plus it shows a lil commitment from you that a: your actively playing this toon and b: your keen on doing what it takes to get into the guild.

In your own words should only take couple of days to gear up and average application response usually borders around the 5 year mark.So you have a lil time.Smile

Good luck.
Hehe, now that sounds like a while to wait. :D But yeah, I do still raid with Winland on my Druid (Timpuri) and will continue raiding with them in future, but it won't disturb my raiding here in any way, and I am currently trying to gear up my rogue for PvE. :)
Chapi - Empathy
Just wanted to post to say I liked your app. Gotta be one of the longest i've seen for a while Smile

Then uve missed mine!! Grin But i agree, well written apply!
Regrettably, application declined. Been watching your armory a while, and whilst I appreciate youre right, it doesnt take too long to gear a toon for PvE (assuming youre lucky with the drops, and have the time), it also doesnt take too long to gear a toon before applying to a PvE guild Smile, or, to gear a toon once its been suggested on an application thread. Goodluck ingame and irl anyway.
I see, but in a matter of fact, I have geared my toon all the time I was waiting for any officer to reply here, but I've had my PvP gear on almost all the time when I log out, since I play arena with my friend. (shoul've been obvious since if you'd check my armory, I had Subtelty spec on all the time Grin ), but I guess declined is declined, thanks for your time anyways.
With the greatest respect shouldnt really be down to TBO to chase up what gear you may have gotten since your application,as was suggested if you were really keen on getting into TBO you could of just updated you app thread with somthing along the lines:

"been working hard to get my gear to standard currently Im 370item level pve geared will continue to work on that whilst waiting for response"

That being said,good luck in game and RL no hard feelings just trying to point out really somthing which would of helped.Smile
Actually I was watching the recent history section in armory which shows drops, and dungeons completed etc, I am aware that logging out in a sub spec and PvP gear is unlikely to show your full PvE capability Smile
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