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The Blade Order » General » PC Help
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Who can rescue me?
Yesterday night I was greatly disappointed, finding out that I could not install the new patch, once again.

So I did what all of us would do in such case.
First thing I the morning I gave a call to my help-desk:

-Castle of Camelot, can I help you?
-Good morning! I would like to speak to Arthur please.
-Just a minute, I’ll see if the King is available. Who asks him?
-Dame Lisele.
-Hold on please.

(Crappy medieval music)

-Dame Lisele!! What a pleasant surprise!
-Good morning Arthur! What you British are up to?
-Drinking tea! What you French people are up to?
-Eating frogs!
-Ha ha ha! And when you don’t have frogs?
-We eat snails!!
(I could hear his royal laughter fill his chamber, old jokes are still the best obviously)
-He-he, but tell me, what is giving me the pleasure of your call?
-I’m in troubles!
-Well, that is what you Ladies are best at!
-Enough! Shall I remind you that if the Association of the Ladies in Distress were not putting themselves in peril anymore, your Round Table would shrink into a small coffee table in less than three moons. So have respect for the ones that give your knights their living!
-Alright Lisele, no more female wrath in the morning. I was just joking, of course we appreciate what your girls are doing for our boys, they make the finest job being kidnapped and locked in ivory towers. But let’s get to the point, what is your problem dear?
-Wow, I can’t install the last patch. I’m completely desperate!
-Hum, I see, what can I do for you?
-Do you have any Gallant Knight eligible for the quest?
-Well, you see, most of them are away already, not many left in Camelot. The quest Holy Grail is taking my best men.
-Yes I know! Is there absolutely no one left?
-I do have one paladin, freshly arrived, his name is Georgi?
-Could do. Pedigree?
-The Blade Order, Daggerspine.
-Oh my goodness, I hope you’re joking! The last time I had a five men party from the Blade Order at my humble castle, they emptied my wine cellar in less than two days, and they were flirting with all my maids. These guys just think of enjoying themselves, they hardly do a quest.
-That’s all I have. But I can assure you that Georgi is a gentleman.
-Fine, I trust you. When shall I expect his visit?
-Not before Sunday.
-What? Is he holy?
-Yes, you know, Holy paladins are better on Sundays, right after the mass.
-Terrible, I can’t wait! Anyone available before?
-Now that you ask, I have a druid who is free now.
-A druid? I thought you were against the old faith.
-I’m becoming liberal, all religions are tolerated now.
-Anyway, what could do a druid for me, shake his branches till his dead leaves fall on my keyboard??
-He he, no, lately I got to know them better, and druids are pretty good with computers you know. He’ll you give a removable hard disk with his whole patched WoW that you will copy-paste on your pc, very simple.
-Fair enough, send me the druid.
-He’ll pass by your office today.
-You’re such a dear Arthur!! How your wife is doing?
-Don’t tell me about her, she’s giving me so many sorrows.
-What’s wrong? Speak up!
-I think she’s seeing another knight. If I find out who the bastard is, he’ll get a taste of my Excalibur!!
-Hum, sad! By the way, how’s doing Lancelot?
-He’s just fine! What a nice buddy. He even escorted my wife to the monastery where she goes to see her aunt.
-I see! How very generous of him! Thank you some much Arthur for your help!!
-Always a pleasure to serve!

Let's see now if that works...
- Good mornig Arthur! How do you do?
- Good morning Dame Lisele. So, how are you? What happened with your WoW issue?
- Well, nothing to complain about the druid, he came in Flying form in less than two hours to give me his mini-disk. I did the copy/paste on my pc.
- And? Everything is ok now?
- In fact I have no idea, because my internet connection went down yesterday. I could not get online at all!
- Too bad!
- Not only bad, what a curse!
- You priest should know about curses!
- Very funny Your Majesty! Who can you send me for this "troubles on the internet connection" quest?
- No one.
- Oh my god, but why?
- Because this is the Holy Grail Quest!
- Whay do you mean?
- The Holy Grail of WoW players my dear, when we will find it, disconnection and latency will be forever banished from this world!! A legendary stable connection for the purest hearts!!
- I see...
- Well, you can always call your internet provider, and I'll send you the paladin anyway. Maybe some of the best TBO wisemen will have an idea and let you know on their forum. I heard some of them are very efficient.
- Thank you Arthur, and good luck with your holy quest!
Edited by lisele on 16-11-2007 14:06
let me be the one to state the obvious:

Lancelot has an affair with the Queen!!!! Shock

nice story btw Lis, you should become a writer Pfft

and good luck with ur connection
Pineharses - Druid Class leader of TBO
well, u have one weird relationship with your pc guy....
didn't help me tho, not many druids around where i am.
well, ill keep doing nothing, maybe something good will happen... maybe a miracle Grin
"The Paramount Path of the Pale Proselyte Pegan is a Protracted Pursuit of Purification"-The Big M-
Nice one Lis

Thanks for the 15 minutes of entertainment Smile

Lewsterin Kinslayer
Proud member of The Blade Order.

-Gunslingers! To me!
-We will be tested this day fellas! Prove or Die!
Hehe just goes to show that a WoW player without WoW, truly does go mad... Pfft
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